Soto and Sate (Satay) are similar to pronounce, yet they are completely different kinds of Indonesian dishes. Soto is a kind of soup made of broth while Sate is a skewered and grilled meat. If we talk about their similarity, both of them are considered as Indonesian national dishes as it is served in every parts of the country, from Sumatra to Papua, in a wide range of variations. 

            Soto is Indonesian traditional food which made of broth, meat, and vegetables. It is very popular in the country and you can find it almost everywhere, from street vendor, warungs, restaurant and even in luxurious hotels. Soto is prevalent in Java and suggested that it was originated from the island, yet over the years this dish spreaded over the country and created array of Soto varieties. The varieties of Soto were adapted according to the available ingredients and distinctive local taste of the regions. In general, the variants of Soto were mostly named based on the region or the ingredients. The variations of Soto based on the regions are: Ambon Soto, Bandung Soto, Banjar Soto, Betawi Soto, Kediri Soto, Lamongan Soto, Madura Soto, Makassar Coto, Padang Soto, Semarang soto, etc. The examples of Soto named based on the ingredients are: Soto Ayam (Chicken meat Soto), Soto Ceker (Chicken feet Soto), Soto Babat (Cow’s tripe Soto), Soto Mee (Noodle Soto), etc.

            Not only Soto, Sate is also rich of varieties and prevalent in all around the country. Sate is a seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat served with sauce. The main ingredient of Sate may consist of sliced chicken, goat, beef, pork, fish or other meats and it is served with peanut sauce. The diversity of the country has produced a wide variety of Satays. Just like Soto, the variants of Sate are named after the regions and the ingredients. In addition, there are also kinds of Sate named based on the methods of cooking. The following are some kinds of Sate from Indonesia: Madura Satay, Banjar Satay, Ponorogo Satay, Blora Satay, Chicken Satay, Lamb Satay, Pork Satay, Shellfish Satay, Shrimp Satay, Liver Satay, Tripe Satay, Eel Satay, Sate Bunthel, Sate Lembut, etc.

Soto and Sate are the other themes of Indonesian Food Festival held on November 14th, 2018 in Tristar Culinary Institute, Jl. Bukit Berbunga no 10-12 Batu. All students of D1 Exclusive Culinary Art program were randomly groupped into four and each group competed to present variants of Soto and Satay from all around Indonesia. Each group was assigned to cook the following dishes: Soto Ayam (Chicken meat), Soto Betawi (Beef meet or beef offal), Soto Banjar (Chicken broth and traditional spices), Soto Bandung (Clear beef Soto with white radish), Sate Maranggi (Beef marinated in special paste), Sate Kerang (Shellfish Satay), Sate Ayam (Chicken meat), Sate Kambing (Lamb/goat meat), Sate Padang (Cow or goat offal served with yellow sauce), and Satay Klopo (Beef meat and seasoned shreded coconut). Students’ teamwork and cooperation were the key points to accomplish the assignment on time. Through the festival, students are expected to learn not only cooking skills, but also the social skills needed to work in the kitchen. Good communication, teamwork, and cooperation are the three skills to highlight.[AD]