Lontong Cap Go Meh is a set of meal of some dishes traditionally consumed during Cap Go Meh celebration in Java. Cap Go Meh itself is derived from the word “Cap Go” means “fifteenth” and “Meh” means “night” in Hokkien dialect. Just like its name, Cap Go Meh is celebrated on the 15th day after Imlek by the Chinese decendents in Indonesia.

On the Cap Go Meh day, Indonesian Chinese decendents in Java usually gather with their families and serve special dishes called as Lontong Cap Go Meh.  The dishes are combination of several fusion dishes of Chinese and Javanese Cusines. The components of the dishes consist of  Lontong (elongated rice cake wrapped in banana leaf), Opor Ayam (chicken stew in coconut milk and spices), Sayur Lodeh (chayote in coconut milk soup), Sambal Goreng Ati (beef liver fried in sambal chili paste), Telur Pindang (hard bioled marble eggs), Koya Powder (a mixture of ground fried soybeans and dried shrimp powder), Acar (pickles of cucumbur, carrot, shallot, and chilli), Sambal (spiced chili paste with terasi shrimp paste), and completed with prawn cracker.

The theme of the last day for Tristar Indonesian Food Festival was Lontong Cap Go Meh which is widely known in Indonesia, especially Java, because Lontong Cap Go Meh reflects the assimilation between Chinese immigrants and local Javanese community. On 16th of November 2018, in Tristar Culinary Institute, Jl. Bukit Berbunga no 10-12 Batu, Exclusive Culinary students presented some dishes for Lontong Cap Go Meh celebration. In groups, students were battled to create variations of Indonesian foods which could be served on Cap Go Meh Festival, i.e. Lontong, Sayur Lodeh Rebung, Telur Bumbu Petis, Opor Ayam, Ayam Kremes and Salted Eggs. The students not only demonstrated their ability in cooking during the festival, but also showed their skills in decorating buffet tables to build Cap Go Meh atmosphere. Through the agenda, the students were given opportunity to evince their sense of art and creativity that might be useful for them in the work field.[AD]