The Stunning Gravity Defying Cakes

Gravity Defying Cakes are variations of cakes decorating techniques which are currently trending worldwide because of their stunning ideas and looks. They are also popularly known as Anti-Gravity Cakes. The stunning cakes are perfect for birthday events and delight kids and even grown-up. To keep up with the current trends, Tristar Institute Batu includes this cake decorating technique in the curriculum of D1 Pastry and Baking Arts program.

On the 18th of March 2019, students of Baking and Pastry Arts got the material of how to make Gravity Defying Cake. To begin with, Chef Lily Andayani performed a cooking demo in front of the students. She decorated a cake became a Mie Ayam Pangsit Spesial. During the cooking demo, she not only taught the students about the basic techniques and principles of making anti-gravity cakes, but also the fondant modelling and coloring techniques. On the occasion, the students observed the Chef attentively and they were free to ask about anything they wanted to know to prepare themselves practicing on the following day.  

 On the following day, it’s time for the students of D1 Pastry and Baking Arts to create their own creations of Anti-Gravity cakes. The students were divided into three groups. In groups, they shared their ideas and discussed about their concept with their group members before starting to work. After each group agreed on the concepts, they began to work together with the group member and transformed their ideas into three Anti-Gravity cakes. The students started with cooking and baking the cakes. Then they had to prepare the fondant while waiting for the cakes. After the cakes were ready, they started to decorate. In order to finish the project on time, the students needed to communicate well and showed good teamwork especially in dividing the duties of each member.[AD]

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