Showpiece Cakes – The Fascinating Art Creations

Students of Baking and Pastry Art in Tristar Institute Batu were challenged to decorate Showpiece Cakes. They were free to choose the themes and decide the decorations. 

Challenge was given by the Baking and Pastry lecturer, Chef Lily Andayani ST. M.Mpar, to seventeen Baking and Pastry Art students to create two showpiece cakes. The students’ abilities to create ornaments and a dynamic blend of colors had succeeded in beautifying their Showpiece Cakes.

Finishing the project was considered difficult and complicated, therefore, Chef Lily, the vice head of Tristar Institute Batu, divided the students into two groups.  Each group was required to choose one theme and complete one Showpiece Cake.

The first group adopted Harry Potter theme and consisted of nine members : Pasya, Rico, Kalindung, Cincin, Fitrah, Anna, Fiona, Malvin and Andreas. Meanwhile the second group chose Toy’s Story theme and consisted of 8 members : Uyun, Inggrid, Dina, Ahmad, Zidan, Yusril, Daffa and Emilia.  

The project took 4 meetings to complete. It was started on Monday, May 6th 2019 and the teams began making the ornaments for the cakes. On the second meeting, May 7th, 2019, they continued working with plastic icing including coloring and shaping the icing (fondant). On the following day, May 8th, 2019, each teams set and collated the ornaments to the cakes’ main bodies. And the last day, Thursday 9th May, 2019, was the time for giving finishing touches.

Malvin and Pasya, representatives of morning Pastry Class, said that the reason they chose Harry Potter as their theme was because majority of the group members loved the movie. “Besides, the design gives wow impression,”  Malvin added.

According to Pasya, Malvin’s teammate, "The difficulty we meet is when we cover the styrofoam with plastic icing because they easily crack and when make ornaments and characters. We must be extra careful and patient."

Pasya and team’s hardwork was definitely paid off because their Showpiece Cake was voted as the most favorite design, defeated the Toy's Story. The voters were Tristar Institute Batu staff, D3 Hotel Management students, and Culinary Art students.

Uyun Rahmawati, a representative of the other group, revealed that she and her team experienced the same difficulties with Pasya’s team. She also added the reason of choosing Toy’s Story as the theme. "We chose Toy’s Story as the theme because of its cuteness. According to our team, the hardest part is making Woody and other characters. However, we managed to finish it well, " she said.

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