Cookies Creations As A Bright Business Prospect

Cookie come from the Dutch word 'koekje'  that means little cake. In the old time, cookies were simple flat biscuits but then they’ve evolved to be decorative treats with endless variations.

Basically, cookies are made from flour, sugar, and fat or oil.  The variations may include other ingredients such as raisins, chocolate chips, oats, nuts, etc.

Cookies are the best choice of snacks served in gatherings, family events, weddings and even on special occasions such as Eid, Christmas or Chinese New Year. From time to time, cookies business thrives especially in Indonesia. Creativity and innovation in the business continues to increase which never makes costumers get bored.

Knowing the bright prospect of the business, Tristar Institute Batu provides its Baking and Pastry Art students with Cookies materials in the curriculum. Designed in 9 meetings, the students are required to master  25 kinds of classic and modern cookies.

The classic and the most-wanted cookies are Kaasstengels, Nastar (Pineapple Tart), Linzer Cookies, Jan Hagel, Jam Thumbprint, Romance Cookies, Semprit Cookies, Cheesy Sagoe Cookies, Meringue Cookies, Chequerboard Cookies, Emping (from Melinjo seeds) Cookies, etc.

The modern and trending cookies are like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cornflakes Cookies, Almond Tuiles, Cat’s Tongue Cookies, Fancy Cookies, Dip Half Choco Cookies, Choco Crunch Cookies, etc.

Not only those, the lecturer of Baking and Pastry Art, Chef Lily Andayani, S.T. M.Par, also teaches  our students like, the world-trending cookies, Macarons, then Crispy Egg Roll Cookies, and Fortune Cookies which are commonly served as a dessert in Chinese restaurant in  the USA.

The students showed enthusiasm and excitement when learning to make cookies, especially in the cutting, shaping, and decorative processes. "For me, cooking cookies is fun though it requires patience in decorating them," said Uyun, one of Baking and Pastry Art students.

Do you enjoy making cookies too? Or do you want to expand your cookies business? Don’t hesitate! Join Tristar Institute Batu and be a professional chef with us. Come and grab you seat now at  Jl. Bukit berbunga No. 10-12 Batu. Call : 0341 3061525 WA : 0821-2945-2015. (AD) photos:Tristar Batu Doc