La Mian : The Art of Hand-Pulled Noodle

Noodles which are made just by using bare hands are known as La Mian (hand-pulled noodles). Its basic ingredients are very simple: high protein flour, mineral water, salt and eggs mixed together to make the dough.

La Mian technique is considered unique and attractive. The dough is kneaded, folded,  and pulled so many times and flung down on the table’s surface for many times, therefore it is called as hand-pulled noodles.

After getting elastic and elongated, the dough is folded and twisted. Sprinkle with a little flour and smear with oil so that the twist doesn’t become sticky and remain elastic, not easily broken when strecthed again. Repeatedly strecth the dough until it turns into long, thin, ready-to-cook strands of noodles.

"This Lamian Training Program is only available at Tristar Institute Group, and also at Tristar Institute Batu. Just needed 6 meetings, everybody can make noodles just by hands," said Chef Lily Ann,  Baking and Patiserrie Art lecturer and also the Vice Chief of Tristar Institute Batu, East Java.

The Lamian Training was taught by Chef Kurniawan, a guest lecturer for The Master’s Demonstration course at Tristar Institute Group. Years of his experiences as a La Mian Chef in a Chinese restaurant was transmitted to students.

"I really hope that Tristar Group La Mian Crew can yield a female La Mian Master which is very rare," hoped Chef Kurniawan.

Monday, May 20, 2019, the first face-to-face meeting of the Lamian Training Program took place at Tristar Insritute Batu. The participants were from different majors and various classes. Even outsiders could also join this program.

"Currently, in this session, all of the participants were culinary students. But, we also welcome anyone like community members or organizations to take part in the training with at least 5 participants. Of course the cost will be different compared to the internal students," explained Chef Lily Ann.

"the training fee for public participants is Rp. 2.3 million per person. The cost includes chef's uniform, hats, and the ingredients and materials used during training," explained Chef Lily An.

Are you interested? Join Tristar Institute Group La Mian Training Program now. For more information,  contact:

Tristar Institute / Majapahit Tourism Academy

Jl. Raya Jemursari 244 Surabaya, WA Yarin: 0817 321 024, WA Desy: 0813 3200 3300.


Or Tristar Institute Batu

Jalan Bukit Berbunga No. 10, phone: 0821 2945 2015.

(translated by AD).