The Archipelago’s Quintessential Culinary Fiesta

Students of Tristar Culinary Institute Batu showed 4 kinds of Soto and 6 kinds of Sate dishes.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism set 30 dishes as the archipelago’s quintessential food. Among them are Soto and Satay. These two culinary dishes have dozens of versions. Some of them were displayed by Tristar Institute Batu students at the Soto & Sate Festival on Wednesday (8/21/2019).

The festival which was held to enliven the 74th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia took place on its campus at Jl. Bukit Berbunga 10, Batu, East Java. Ten menu creations were displayed beautifully and attractively by 15 culinary students.

They were divided into three groups. Each group presented 10 menus: 4 types of Soto namely Soto Ayam, Soto Banjar, Soto Betawi and Soto Bandung and 6 types of Satay namely Sate Gading Maranggi (beef), Sate Ayam (chicken), Sate Kelopo (beef and shreded coconut), Sate Padang (beef and cow offal served with yellow sauce), Sate Kerang (shell), and Sate Kambing (lamb or goat).

"The students were required to cook 10 menus in maximum time of three hours. They had to be able to manage time well and work effectively. I am satisfied because they were able to work on time with good results, "explained Chef Santos, the Culinary Art lecturer and person in charge of the festival.

Interestingly, all culinary ingredients were covered and handled by the institute. The students just needed to process them into delicious food and  then display them with attractive plating and decorations.

The students’ works were then judged by three judges in total. "Starting from the taste & flavor, texture, plating, table decorations, costumes, suitability with the theme, and  product presentation. When presenting their products, they must use English. The grades were accumulated as the student's final grade, "said Chef Santos.

In general, the culinary products displayed by the three groups were quite satisfying. "If there are small deficiencies, I'm sure they can improve them as their  cooking experiences increase. Especially in Tristar Institute Batu, our students practice cooking every day, "he convinced.

Tristar Institute Batu applies a curriculum which is in line with the demands of the working world. Produce graduates with ready-to-use working skills and entrepreneurship skill in the culinary field (foodpreneur).

For you who want to pursue a career in the culinary field, Tristar Institute Batu is the perfect choice for you. Come, join, and get information at our campus: Jalan Bukit Berbunga 10 Batu. Tel: 0341-3061525, 0821 2945 2015 or click the Web Batu. (translated by AD).