Learning doesn’t have to be in the classroom. Learning can be done anywhere and anytime. Tristar Institute Batu students had a factory visit to learn about wine production in Sababay Winery, local winery factory in Buleleng Bali on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019.


Sixty students of Tristar Institute Batu departed from the campus at Jl. Bukit Berbunga No 10-12 Sidomulyo Batu on Monday afternoon, 28th October 2019 by bus. They arrived at Bali on the following day and directly went to Sababay Winery that day.


The group was directly welcomed by the Chief of Promotion of Sababay Winery Bali. Through her presentation, the students learned about the company’s history, classification of the winery, and the process of producing the wines. The students were excited to learn as this was their first trip to a wine factory. Not only a presentation, Sababay also provided a wine tasting session to the students who were willing to try. Four types of wines were served.


Not only Sababay Winery was visited on the study tour, Tristar Institute Batu students also visited two other factories: Kacang Kecak Mama and Pie Susu Cening Ayu factories. 

In Kacang Kecak Mama and Pie Susu Cening Ayu they focused on learning the production process and observing the packaging process.


During the tour, our students tried typical Balinese food in their authentic tastes. They reviewed and commented on them through vlogging activities. Furthermore, they also had chances to practice their English conversation skill by having a conversation with foreigners there. All of the students had to gain this experience as it was required by their English instructors.


Not all culinary academies offer a learning experience like this. At Tristar Culinary Institute Batu, we provide broader experiences for our students. We involve professional practitioners and give real-life experiences to our students.  Want to experience the learning experience at our place? Come and join us now at Jl. Bukit Berbunga No 10-12 Sidomulyo Batu. Call: 0341 3061525 WA: 0811-307-2014. (AD)