Tristar Artistic Local Delicacy Taste at 2021 BSFF

"Luxury dish in street food prices" was the tagline of the Batu Street Food & Culinary Festival 2021 that was held on December, 7th - 8th 2021 in the front yard of Among Tani Town Hall. ristar Institute Batu as the best culinary and tourism college in Indonesia, presented a variety of authentic old taste and local delicacy. Batu Street Food and Culinary Festival was hosted by Disparta Batu (Batu City Tourism and Culture Department), ICA BPD JATIM (East Java Region of Indonesian Chef Association), and PHRI ( Persatuan Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia). This time, about 30 vendors from local hotel, restaurant, and vocational school join this event

In these two days event, Tristar Institute Culinary Batu also participated with its artistic and authentic old taste of local delicacy, which were: Nasi Biru Sangit, Choux Berrylang, and Lukumades.

The foods themselves was cooked and presented by the students of Tristar Institute Batu. Besides, this festival trained the students how to serve and explained the food that they were serve. Other than that, this event trained the students how to make production, how to manage the event, and selling the product.

Additionally, there was an honorable thing in this event for Tristar Institute Batu that our Papaya Food Crave with Chef Olivia art in it, from Masterchef Indonesia Season 8 (The guest star of BSSF 2021) received a good compliment from her and was taken as a token of appreciation.


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