Secret Taste Fine Dining at Tristar Batu Cruise

April 2nd, 2022 is the last day of Students Cruise Training Program for Fine Dining event as their last examination. In the last 2nd day, they gave all out their best menu during 2 years practical in Tristar Culinary Batu. Just as their theme ‘Secret Restaurant’, the theme today was unforgettable continental cuisine taste with their special secret extravagance spices.

Unforgettable taste is a new theme that was chosen by the students. Unlike the first day of the Fine Dining with ‘The Taste of Asian Cuisine’, this day they chose a prix ‘Continental Cuisine’ fixe menu was served to the guests. In the simulation, the students worked in team but each of them functioned differently. Some of them cooked, and some of them setting up the table before the guests came and other were in the serving section/as servers. However, this time the students rolling up the position in order all the students gained the experience in each position.  During the simulation, the simulation itself was monitored and assisted by Chef Yuda, Chef Novia, Chef Lily, and Chef Ferdinand in order the simulation were running successfully.

Such as the first day, the students invited outsiders as their guests on the occasion. The event was lively and elegant. The service was good and nice as if they’re in Michelin Restaurant. While waiting the appetizer and enjoying the dishes they were presented an amazing flambé cooking show presented by the students. It gave a nice and good compliment. They were excited to watch such a show. The guests commented the dishes were tasty and delectable as well as the service was good. They were really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Lastly, the event ended in a lively and touching occasion. The students gave their speech and wishes for their next step after they graduate from Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. They were excited to give their best skill in the F&B Service industry in the future. Last but not least, all the process was going smoothly and perfect, and ended in with photo session with the guests happily.