Cooking Demo and Duplicate Healthy Food with Chef

On Wednesday, May 25th 2022, there was a Chef guest who came from New Zealand to tristar Batu. He is Chef Jamie, a healthy food enthusiast. That day he would explain and teach his best 4 menus in two different classes.

Chef Jamie began the class by giving some explanations to the students about healthy food. He told them how high the death rate from diabetes and obesity is these days. Those diseases were caused by processed food. Chef Jamie explained that we could get full nutrition from whole food which we could get from nature.

After giving a little bit of advice, Chef Jamie began his cooking demo by making Tofu Chocolate Mousse and Beetroot Ravioli for the morning class and Buffalo BBQ Cauliflower and Thai Rice Bowl for the afternoon class. He used silk tofu so his chocolate mousse had a silk texture and also changed the sheet pasta with beetroot. He also used Quinoa and Brown Rice as a substitute for White Rice in his Buffalo BBQ Cauliflower and Thai Rice Bowl. Not only that, but Chef Jamie also replaced the cheese with a mix of few ingredients and nutritional yeast for the cheese filling so the cheese texture and taste were still there.

After Chef Jamie was done cooking for those menus, he let the students to tasted them so they could duplicate them almost the exact same as his. Then our chef instructed them to make the dish within the time given. There were so many students that ran around the kitchen to get the tools and ingredients that they needed. Chef Jamie just observed them here and there. But the students weren’t shy about asking him to taste their food.

All of the students succeed in duplicating all the dishes from Chef Jamie for 40 minutes and also they put so much effort into decorating it. After that Chef Jamie was welcomed for tasting their masterpieces and giving some scores for the taste and decoration. Overall, he was stunned by the taste and effort that the students gave. They succeeded in duplicating the base taste from Chef Jamie’s menus.

This was such an eye-opening experience for the students. The students said that they had already known about healthy food but for them, it seems like an expensive lifestyle. Chef Jamie taught them that you could make healthy food in a simple way. Also, they didn’t think about substitutions for the food such as could substitute cheese with nutritional yeast! They liked the food and also the knowledge given by Chef Jamie.