Experiencing The Middle East food at Fine Dining E

On July 1st, 2022, Tristar Batu’s lobby looked different. There were lamps made of paper, and gold fabric dangling around here and there candles and ornaments on top of the tables. What happened? That day was the day when Cruise A held a Fine Dining event for their exam because they are 3rd-year students. The theme for their Fine Dining that night was the “Middle East” theme with the title “Alhaflatus Sydah Lilasya’”. It means “A Wonderful Dinner”. The team hoped that the guests would have a wonderful dinner that night. They served dishes from the Middle East that were full of flavor and spices. Because of the theme, they decorated the lobby attractively.

It was 12 pm sharp and the Cruise A team had been so busy in the kitchen, preparing their dishes. They did their job individually and helped each other here and there. At 3 pm, Afnan and Christian, as a server, gathered in the lobby to prepare the cutleries and practiced the way they serve the guests later on. The guests came one by one and enjoyed their welcome food and drink. Finally, it was 6 pm and the Fine Dining was officially started and was opened by Chef Novi as an MC.

A juggling performance by Naufal was the opening for that night. After the performance, Christian and Afnan introduced themselves as the server that night to their table, and also Bunga introduced herself as a Head Chef that night. They brought out the appetizer, it was Chicken Shawarma. A stir-fried seasoned chicken served with half-moon-shaped kebab skin and fresh vegetables. The soft texture from the chicken combined with crispy kebab skin becomes one in your mouth.

Next, they served the soup. For the soup, they have Maraq Soup, a dumpling soup. The dumplings were full of chopped chicken and vegetables and the soup was rich in spices flavors such as cardamom, turmeric, and ginger. But they served the soup uniquely.  They put the filling inside the small bowl and topped the bowl with fried dumpling skin and then they poured the hot soup so that the fried dumpling was melted by the heat. After the flavourful soup, came the time for the main course. They served Lamb Kabsah for the main course. They boiled the meat with toasted spices then took it out and fried the meat. They paired the lamb meat with basmati rice that had been cooked in the spices water for lamb in the beginning. And finally came time for the dessert. They served Layali Lubna, a mixture of semolina flour, rose water, milk, and sugar that had a dense yet soft texture.

Whenever the server served the dishes, Bunga always gave some explanation of the dishes as the Head Chef. After the guests enjoyed their food, Bunga and Marciano, the Sous-Chef, would always ask their opinion of the food. Afnan and Christian always served the guests sincerely. After all of the guests were done eating their food and the table was clean, Chef Novi took the mic and greeted the guests. She called all of the team members and gave the mic to Bunga for her speech. She thanked all of the guests and they bowed to the guests as a closing for that night.

The Fine Dining ended beautifully and the team members' faces showed a relieved expression. The guests were satisfied with the event, the food, the decoration, and everything. They hoped that they could feel those wonderful experiences again at another time.