Satay. One word that might remind us with Madura island. But do you know that other places also have satays? In fact, in all around Indonesia there are dozens of types of satay exist, not to mention the variety of satays in other parts of the world. Therefore, in order to introduce various kinds of satay in Indonesia and the world, Tristar Institute of Batu City Tourism held “2017 Nusantara Satay Festival”.

               The chunks of meat were stabbed in bamboo skewers and then burned on a burning flame, covered with flavorful thick spices. Can you imagine it? That was the picture of the atmosphere in the lobby of Tristar Institute Batu, at Jl. Bukit Berbunga No. 10-12 Sidomulyo Batu, during the Satay Festival. Students of Tristar Institute Batu presented not only Madurese Satay which had distinctive nutty spices, but also served Satay Lilit from Bali Island and Fish Satay made of fresh fish meat. The satays were then enjoyed with the complementary sauces. The students created various types of sauces from a selection of selected spices.

               The festival which regularly holds at the end of this course aims at improving the ability of students in the field of Food & Baverages service and products. In addition, the event was intended to introduce Tristar Institute Batu to a wider audience.  

               The event was attended by members of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) and many of them praised the students. In addition, they also received various constructive feedback from competent experts and practitioners. This event was indeed a valuable experience that not everyone could get. Tristar Institute Batu will always provide good quality of teaching. We provides opportunities for students to learn from the real world experts  through the event.

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