If we hear the word “Yogya” or “Jogja”, surely one thing that comes to our mind right away is its traditional food that spoils our tongues. For this reason, Tristar Culinary Institute Batu chose Jogjakarta’s traditional cuisine as the theme in the 2017 food festival. The famous dishes from Gudeg, Bacem Telur, to Sambal Krecek were all served in 2017 Jogja Festival and held at Jl. Bukit Berbunga No. 10.

This annual event was designed and organized by culinary students at the Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. All aspects in the festival, like the design and arrangement of the tables, the dishes, snacks, drinks, and all the details were prepared and produced by the students themselves. The event was expected to be a media  to explore the students’ creativity and is also a form of evaluation in a more attractive and innovative way. Besides, through this event the students were able to learn how to plan and organize events well.

               In order to enliven the event, some government and tourism stakeholders were invited in the event.  One of the guests who attended the event was the Head of Batu Sub-district. She and her colleagues seemed to enjoy a variety of dishes created by students. They also showed her appreciation and gave constructive feedback to the students.

               Several High School principals and vice principals in Batu City were also invited to attend the event.  Many of them said that they were impressed with the event run by the students and some other praised the taste of the food served. Despite its complexity of processing, one of the dishes that got a lot of praise was Gudeg ala Jogja. Cooking Gudeg  requires a long period of time, the qualified and right ingredients, and good cooking techniques in order to produce delicious dish. All of these things are taught at Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. In addition, material selection, knowledge of herbs and spices characteristics, and food processing techniques are taught by experienced instructors.

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