The fragrance of typical Javanese herbs and spices were spreaded and filled all corners of the culinary kitchen on Monday morning (5/3/2018). The voice of pestles that collided with the mortars also heard at one corner of Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. All students deftly processed various ingredients of meat, vegetables, rice and spices and served them into a Tumpeng, an Indonesian National dish.

Tumpeng Festival was the starting point for the 2018 Festival Week at Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. The event was held to give opportunity for students to show their skills in creating dishes that are often served at celebration and ceremonial events. Besides, through this festival students could also exhibit their work and be evaluated by public.

               In order to foster the competitive spirit of students, they were divided into two groups competed to present the best Tumpeng. Each group consisted of 4 (four) to 5 (five) students who worked together as a team. The teams were required to make a coned rice, Tumpeng icon, completed with its side dishes: Ayam Bumbu Rujak, Sambal Goreng Teri Kentang, Java Fried Noodles, and Perkedel.

               This time, the standard of assessment used was higher as their products were not only enjoyed by their lecturers but also other chefs and health practitioners in Batu City area. On the occasion, Chef Jo, the sous-chef of Golden Tulip Hotel Batu, gave valuable feedback for our students. The Sous chef, who works in the international hotels, revealed that the dishes presented still need some improvement, especially the Perkedel. He said that the first group used too much meat whereas the second group needed more flour and meat to make the Perkedel denser. His comment surely encouraged the students to keep on improving their cooking  skills.

               Through this event, students of Tristar Culinary Institute Batu also got a chance to learn accepting critics and comments from other people so that they were ready to work in the field. Grevinda Septa Kristanti, one of the representatives from team 1, said, "Doing a battle like this is very challenging to me.” Wibi Aulia, a representative from team 2 also agreed with Grevinda. Wibi, who has earned a bachelor's degree in communication, added that she was pleased with this annual event. Eventhough the battle resulted in a draw,

Students got something that was not less important than a victory. They became more prepared to face competition in the real world and able to accept criticism and suggestions to develop their potential.

            Not all culinary academies offer a learning experience like this. At Tristar Culinary Institute Batu, we provides broader experiences for our students, not only cooking experience, but also teamwork and social experiences. In addition, we involves professional practitioners from starred hotels and also by health experts such as nutritionists, specialist doctors, and midwives to assess our students’ products. Want to experience the learning experience at our place? Come and Join us now at Jl. Bukit Berbunga No 10-12 Batu.