Tristar Vaganza

Entering 2017 means that it has been a year Tristar Culinary Institute Batu gives its contribution in the fields of Culinary and Pastry. To celebrate its anniversary, Tristar Culinary Institute Batu held an event Tristar Food Vaganza.

Under the theme Explore East Java, this year Tristar Food Vaganza was supported by the Batu City government. It was shown by the presence of Batu City’s Mayor, Eddy Rumpoko, at the event. He said that the existence of educational institutions, like Tristar Culinary Institute, in Batu City was very in line with the dynamics of Batu's tourism. Other appreciation was also expressed by the representatives of Batu Tourism Office and Batu Education Office when giving speech at the beginning of the event. In addition,  Pamungkas, the representative of Indonesia Chef Association (ICA), stated that Tristar Culinary Institute as the educational institution was able to create the next professional chefs in Indonesia.

One of the activities of the event was Mini Tumpeng Decorating competition. The participants were members of PKK (Indonesian women community in neighbourhood level) and people in general. The participants worked in groups of three and competed decorating Mini Tumpeng. Their creations were very good and interesting. Each team showed their creativity and skill in decorating Tumpeng.

Besides Mini Tumpeng Decorating competition, there was also Cooking Competition held during Tristar Food Vaganza. The Cooking Competition was specifically for Senior High School and Vocational School Students. In the competition, participants were challenged to create dishes from Tempe Kacang as the main ingredients. Tempe Kacang was chosen because it was considered as one of the most common food in East Java as it is cheap but nutricious.  It was expected that Tempe Kacang could leveled up its popularity through this event.

To entertain the audiences and participants, Tristar Culinary Institute Batu invited Chef Agung and Chef Avi from Tristar Institute Surabaya. Spinning Pizza Performance by Chef Agung  and Bottles Juggling by Chef Avi were successfully lighten up the atmosphere of Tristar Food Vaganza. Moreover, there was also special closing performance by female DJ Shinta Aurell that added up in the festivity.

Furthermore, this event was purely design and organized by our students of Hotel Management program. As we focused on preparing the students for work field, therefore, we gave them the opportunity to practice in real life situation and gained a ready-to-work experience through this event. [AD]

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