Stefani Horison is known as an independent, smart, diligent and creative student. The impression was conveyed by two lecturers of Akpar Majapahit, Chef Lily Andayani and Chef Laurentia Vivi.

The girl who has an oriental-look from the Chinese, Javanese and Dayak descent was raised to be independent. The second child of three siblings of Subenho (52) and Maya (51), lived in Surabaya since high school while his parents settled in Sampit, Central Kalimantan.

Graduating from high school, Fani enrolled at the economics faculty yet just for a short time. Then she moved to the college to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. She chose to continue her study at Majapahit Tourism Academy (Akpar Majapahit) of Surabaya.

Chef Lily Andayani, Baking and Pastry Art lecturer of Majapahit Tourim Academy knows Fani as an active and creative student. "Eventhough Fany was not a student in my class, I often invited her to accompany me if there was an event because she was creative and very active on campus," she said.

The same thing was also expressed by Chef Laurentia Vivi, Baking and Pastry Art lecturer at the same campus. According to her, Fani was a diligent student and liked  to create new recipes and modifications.

"As I remember, Fani seldom skipped classes, never came late, always be diligent, industrious and creative. She liked to put her creativity in plating. During the cooking practice in the kitchen, Fani often utilized leftover ingredients to make new creations, " Chef Vivi added.

While still in the college, Fani also joint and won competitions several times. As an example, she won Salad Plating Competition category and participated in Surabaya Culinary Challenge 2017 competition. "She liked to participate in several competitions and even won some of them. One of them was taking part in the competition at East Food Exhibition, " Chef Vivi said.

According to Chef Lily and Chef Vivi, Fani’s success story in receiving the highest position in the Master Chef  Competition Season 5 can motivate Majapahit Tourism Academy students to excel and pursue their dreams of becoming professional chefs.

"Students must be serious, don't give up easily, never be afraid of failure and keep on experimenting. Create a new product from the experiments so that it has unique characteristics and innovative products. Those are the things that I always emphasize to the students, " said Chef Vivi.

Differently, Chef Lily stated that Fani’s success story opens the youth’s and people’s views that culinary world is very interesting to learn and develop. "Therefore I always encourage our students to improve their knowledge and skills that they already have. Don’t be satisfied with what you have. They must improve themselves and dare to create and innovate," she concluded.

Majapahit Tourism Academy provides opportunity for young people who want to develop talent in Pastry and Culinary fields.

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