Minceur Cuisine:Food Modification for Healthy Diet

Chef Desanto Lelolsima, Nutritionist and Instructor Chef of Tristar Institute Batu, teaches students about food processing techniques for healthy diet.


Minceur cuisine, which means "slim cooking", is a kind of cuisine popularized by Chef Michel Guerard in the 1960s which focuses in modifying French cooking techniques by using little fat, salt and sugar yet does not sacrifice the taste and pleasure of the cuisines.

Nowadays, the current trend of non-communicable diseases in Indonesia are dominated by diseases which are derived from food and certain diet, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and complications.

Based on the results of the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), the obesity rate of adults in Indonesia was 21.8 %, hypertension reached 34.1 %, diabetes reached 8.5 % and heart disease reached 12.9 %.

Therefore, knowing healthy food is beneficial to avoid those deseases. Students majoring in Culinary Art program in Tristar Institute Batu are provided with knowledge about how to arrange healthy food and modify a dish become healthier while maintaining the good taste.

"Students must know how to calculate calorie needs and arrange healthy daily menu based on the List of Food Exchangers (Daftar Bahan Makanan Penukar) published by Indonesian Ministry of Health. Students must be able to choose food based on nutrition and disease knowledge, how to modify continental ingredients and techniques based on the principles of healthy cooking," explained Chef Desanto Lelolsima.

Modification was made in the basic bechamel sauce on the Rolled Stuffed Chicken dish. The bechamel sauce was transformed to be low fat and low sodium by modifying the roux formula, used less butter which made the sauce became lighter and replaced the full cream milk with low fat milk.

"For the Roasted Pumpkin Soup and Leek Oatmeal Soup," continued Chef Desanto, "The puree was added with with low-fat milk replacing the full cream milk or cooking cream".

Are you interested in being an expert in cooking tasty and healthy food? Come join us now bacause Tristar Institute of Batu is the one and only culinary academy which teaches Healthy Food program in their curriculum.

Healthy Food material is regularly taught to all students in Culinary, Pastry, and Hotel Management programs. Healthy food is one of the important courses students must master. The course covers how to make dishes of special diets, such as healthy snacks, nutricious foodvegetarian foods, dairy-free diets, etc.

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(translated and adapted by AD).