Tristar K-Food Festival: Taste of Korea

A collaboration between Culinary Art students and Baking & Pastry Art students.

On Tuesday (9/19/19), there was unusual sight at Tristar Institute Batu, East Java. Some students wore Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes. In another corner, variety of Korean cuisine were displayed with distinctive decoration representing Korean atmosphere.

That day, the Korean Food Festival was held. Various popular South Korean culinary specialties were served by 15 Culinary Art students under the supervision of Chef Della, Tristar expert in Korean Cuisine. The culinary students were teamed up with 17 students majoring in Baking & Pastry Art who were guided by Chef Lily An.

Before the D-day, both of the young lecturers in Tristar Institute Group provided the students with basic knowledge of Korean cuisine like the ingredients and the typical cooking techniques. "I explained how to cook the dishes and the typical Korean ingredients used in the dishes served for the festival," Chef Della explained.

Furthermore, Chef Della hoped that through the event the students would get more knowledge and understanding about various cuisines from other regions and could maintain the uniqueness and specialty of the cuisines.

The same thing was expressed by Chef Lily An. "I equipped the Baking and Pastry Art students about Korean snacks and street food. Thus, the students get more insight about Korean food diversity. "

There were 7 types of popular Korean dishes served by Culinary Art teams. Respectively, Japchae, Dakgalbi, Yangnyeom, Kimchi, Beef Bulgogi, Tteokbokki and Kimchi Jjigae. While Baking and Pastry Art teams served  Yaksik, Songpyeon, Bungeo-ppang, Hotteok, Choco Ttoek and Pat Bing Soo, fresh drinks with sweet toppings from chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup and kidney beans.

Tristar not only teaches students Indonesian Cuisine but also various other popular cuisines from all over the world. Are you interested? From now on, prepare yourself to join us. No test needed! Contact Tristar Institute Kota Wisata Batu, Jalan Bukit Berbunga 10 Batu, East Java. Tel: 0341-3061525, 0821 2945 2015. // bahar (translated by AD)