Tristar’s Ravishing Performances at 2019 BSFF

Tristar Institute Batu attracted the crowd at the 2019 Batu Street Food Festival (BSFF) on Saturday - Sunday (2-3 Nov 2019) held at Among Tani City Hall Batu. Tristar Institute Batu as the best culinary and tourism college in Indonesia, presented a variety of strawberry products and performed attractive cooking shows.


BSFF event was held to commemorate the 18th Anniversary of Batu City and was participated by 44 hotels and restaurants as well as nine Tourist Villages existed in Batu City. The theme of this event was Harvest Fest. Each processed product presented at the event was made from Batu’s agricultural commodities such as potatoes, carrots, apples and strawberries.


Tristar Institute Batu, an academy of tourism institute with specializations on culinary & pastry arts, presented a booth with a strawberry theme. Strawberry as one of the abundant agricultural products in Batu City is processed into contemporary food such as Strawberry Emping Cookies, Ice Cream Cheese Strawberry, Strawberry Pie, Choux with Strawberry Vla, others.


The involvement of the Tristar Institute Batu this year cannot be separated from the roles of various parties. Got the permission from the Mayor of Batu, Dra. Hj. Dewanti Rumpoko M.Si, and fully supported by the Head of Batu City Tourism and Culture Department, Imam Suryono, the Head of the Promotion and Marketing Division, Catur Puspo Asmoro, the chairman of ICA Malang, Chef Pamungkas, and the Chairman of PHRI Batu, Bambang Setya Dharma.


"This is an extraordinary honor and opportunity for our institute to participate in advancing the culinary and tourism sectors in Batu City. In addition, Tristar also has the opportunity to introduce its existence as the one and only culinary school in Batu City," Chef Lily Andayani commented as the Vice Head of Tristar Institute Batu. Furthermore, Chef Lily hoped that in the future Tristar Institute Batu could contribute more in processing the city’s agricultural products and got support from related parties.


Besides presenting contemporary strawberry products, the institute also enlivened the stage by presenting attractive performances. Chef Thomas Denny and his squad appeared on a Japanese-style acrobatic cooking show, the Hibachi Teppanyaki Show. Seven students of Tristar Institute Batu (Gustianca, Jhovanca, Micheal, Ahmad, Malvin, Inggrid, and Azriel) showed off their Hibachi's attractive skills.


Chef Agung Kurnia also jazzed up the night by playing pizza dough through the Spinning action. While Chef Kurniawan, demonstrated the technique of making super-light noodles with bare hands known as La Mian. Stunning Juggling Bartending and fire skills were performed by Bartender Berry.


Visitors were mesmerized by the Master Chefs’ acrobatic demonstrations and fire shows. Applause and shouts of visitors' hysteria were heard from the beginning to the end of the performances.

The performances of Tristar Institute's instructor chefs and students complemented the previous extraordinary appearance of celebrity chef, Chandra Yudaswara (from “Chef Table” Net TV).


Do you want a career in the culinary world and become a professional chef? Tristar Batu is the best place to study. NO TEST! Register now! Please register on the campus Jl. Bukit Berbunga 10 Batu, Tel: (0341) 3061525, 0811 307 2014. // bahar // (translated by AD) // photo: Doc Tristar Batu.