The Taste of Asian Fine Dining Tristar Batu Cruise

On March 26th, 2022 the lobby of Tristar Institute Batu was transformed into a high class ambience restaurant providing fine dining for its customers. The day was special as the students of the Cruise Training Program had their experience as the host of the Fine Dining simulation. The occasion was not only for the simulation but also the examination during the last 3rd year in the Tristar Culinary Institute Batu. The purpose simulation was to obtain a real experience in the food and beverage industry, organized an event, how to manage a team, time, and cooperation in the team.

Cruise Training program is a 3-month program in which the students learned about F&B Service, Hotel & Cruise, Business Knowledge, and Cruise Cooking Practical that are related in Fine Dining Commercial. The simulation was started at 18.00 PM – 20.00 PM. Furthermore, the students were prepared for the fine dining at 15.00 PM. All the preparation was prepared by the students; from setting up the table, select delectable dishes for Fine Dining, and organized all of the team of each job.

In the simulation, the students worked in team but each of them functioned differently. Some of them cooked, and some of them setting up the table before the guest came and other were in the serving section/as servers. Meanwhile, in the kitchen section they were divided into three sections. The first team in the appetizer section, the second team in the main course section, and the last in the dessert section. Also, during the simulation, the students were monitored and assisted by Tristar Intstitute Culinary Batu’s Chef; Chef Lily, Chef Novia, Chef Ferdinand, and Chef Ardi in order the simulation were running successfully.

The occasion was elegant and lively. The service was really good as if in the high star restaurant. The way the student as server explaining the theme of the courses as ‘Asian Taste’, and serving the courses to the guests it was professional and neat. Other than that, the delighted dishes were delectable and tasty. It gave positive and good review from the guests. While the guest enjoying their food, the guests were entertained by live cooking that had been presented by the students. They showed off their amazing cooking skill with their astonishing attraction.

The event was successful. All the process was going smoothly even this was their first time handling such occasion. The students were excited and trying the best to give their best exposure in the future in the service industry after their graduate from Tristar Institute Culinary Batu.