The Best Representation of Wonderful Indonesia by

There was a strain of Javanese instrumental music in Tristar Institute Batu’s lobby. A big Calonarang mask and Poleng, Balinese fabric, were displayed at the entrance. The tables were decorated with Batik and candles. That day, on July 2nd, a Fine Dining from Cruise B was held in Tristar Institute Batu. The theme was "Wonderful Indonesia". They gave Nusantara ambiance and served foods from Islands all around Indonesia.

The Cruise B kitchen team was preparing the ingredients for their foods while the decorating team decorated unfinished touches in the lobby. They gave red roses on top of the table and candles on top of Batik fabric. Their decorations and ingredients were prepared one by one.

At 12 pm, all the members of the Cruise b team began to cook in the kitchen and prepared from appetizers to desserts. At 2 pm, Natalia and Khoiriyah got ready and wore their uniform. They wore a Nusantara uniform as a server. Khoiriyah wore white Kebaya and Natalia wore King Bibinge, Dayak tribal clothes. They put on some makeup to accentuate their beauty.

It was 5 pm when the event began. The guests were coming one by one. Natalia and Khoiriyah welcomed them with smiles and escorted them to their table. After the guest sat down, they offered them entree food. The entree foods were Mie Aceh and Teh Tarik and the guests gladly ordered them. After waiting for 30 minutes, Chef Novi officially began the Fine Dining event that night

Amel the head chef and Khoiriyah and Natalia as the server introduced themselves to the guests and then they brought out the appetizer. The appetizers were Sate Lilit and Lawar. Sate Lilit and Lawar are special foods from Bali. They used chicken meat for the Sate Lilit and Lawar and the plating was so appetizing. After the appetizer, they served Kimlo soup. This soup is from Palembang with unique characteristics that is using Tuberose flower or Bunga Sedap Malam in the soup. Amel explained all the ingredients and how to make every dish they served. Looked like the guests were surprised with that information about Kimlo soup but still enjoyed the meal. Now was time for the main course, "Hidden Treasure". What’s that? That is Jaha Rice and Tinorangsak from Manado. Jaha Rice is sticky rice and Tinorangsak is a pork-based food but they substituted it with beef so that everyone can enjoy it. The Tinorangsak smelled so good because of the Thai basil in it. After the main course, it was time for the dessert to shine. Khoiriyah and Natalia served the guests a beautiful and delicious dessert called Che Huan Tiaw. Che Huan Tiaw is a grass jelly ice from Pontianak with many condiments such as red bean, black sticky rice, and bongko and then doused with coconut milk and melted brown sugar. The guests enjoyed the dessert so much that night.

Now we were at the end of the event, Amel asked the guests’ opinions about their meal tonight. They gave their impressions and advice about the meal and the event that night. Natalia and Khoiriyah also already said farewell as servers to the guests. After that, Chef Novi gave Amel the microphone to close the Fine Dining event. All the guests clapped their hands and relieved faces appeared on the students’ faces. A Fine Dining with Wonderful Indonesia theme ended successfully.